Fast-Casual Dining

Growing faster than ever, PPMG is a 5 location, fast-casual chain providing authentic Mediterranean fare at reasonable prices.

The Problem

Pita Pita had a substantial following before we started working together, but they lacked a process behind it all for consistent community engagement and outreach. We began by creating a custom-tailored plan to create monthly assets and manage the posting across all their most important digital profiles.

Our Solution

We continue to work with PPMG on an on-going basis. We handle monthly marketing meetings with franchisees, manage posting and create video and photos assets for monthly campaigns. We also continue to monitor communication channels to directly engage with their customers on their behalf.

One major inhibitor of growth we identified for PPMG was the lack of digital imagery in all of their restaurants.

We installed digital signage controllers to their existing television menu displays, in order to boost sales, by increasing customer awareness of on-going campaigns.

The content is periodically updated on these signs at every location. We also update these displays remotely, so no on-site visits are necessary after our preliminary installation.


In tandem with our strategy meetings, our team shoots and creates high quality content to best represent the PPMG brand. We cross-post to all social media platforms to cover the widest possible net to amplify their digital reach.

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