Best Brains is the premiere US-based learning program designed for every child who wants to be their best! It all starts with their teachers. They hire board certified teachers to teach their Math, English, Abacus classes, and prioritize qualified educators to teach their additional programs.

The Problem

Our process with Best Brains was unique. They had been in business for almost 10 years with no marketing team working towards common goals. Yet, they were able to build their franchise to over 150 locations!

After assessment of their needs and desires, we identified internal human capital that, with our guidance, could be cost-effectively leveraged to handle all marketing efforts. We assumed an oversight role of all marketing initiatives which placed our firm as the decision-maker for all of their marketing needs.

Our Solution

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we quickly created visuals to highlight and boost enrollment for the online learning programs Best Brains created in response to government mandated center closures.

We continue to conceptualize campaigns, hold weekly meetings, offer on-call direction and many other supervisory tasks. This is where the marketing consulting branch of our firm has thrived.

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