Pay for an External Marketing Department in 2022? Yes.

June 6, 2022 Derek Adas, Philomathy Founder

Pay for an External Marketing Department in 2022? Yes.

I frequently encounter businesses that have very similar mindsets when it comes to paying for marketing. One type prefers in-house personnel. Another likes to à la carte their needs. While another understands the value and benefit of outsourcing their marketing efforts. Let’s quickly run down the pros and cons of each type.

Type 1: the in-house.

I’m not saying this method is entirely incorrect. But I will recommend that a business evaluate the option of utilizing outside personnel to accomplish their strategy. A main reason to hire an external firm like Philomathy is labor cost. Agencies like Philomathy have multiple people, who can do multiple things, for multiple clients. Which means you can utilize less revenue to pay for more marketing. Another huge reason to outsource marketing is field of view. In-house personnel are often so in touch with their business, they lose sight of the entire industry and even other industries that affect their own. This can best be described as marketing tunnel-vision that hinders in-house marketers from truly creating effective campaigns.

Type 2: the à la carte.

This is hands down the absolute worst way to accomplish integrated marketing. These businesses believe they can piece together a killer campaign by using different vendors and end up paying up to 5x what they would have normally paid using an external agency. An external agency can handle all areas of production and execution for a targeted campaign, thus saving time and money for the client. The multiple vendor strategy involves separate invoices from a videographer, a photographer, a strategic marketer, a copywriter, an editor, a graphic designer and whomever else is needed to produce the assets necessary for their vision. When you pay for single items to be produced, the price tag is higher on each item because there is no recurring volume of the work needing to be done. This is why hiring an agency to work on your behalf, for a monthly service fee, is the way to go. The agency would be able to deliver campaigns, in their entirety, at a cost-effective rate.

Type 3: the understanding business.

This is the business that sees their marketing dollars put to the best use. They have already tried to piece together previous marketing efforts and realized the cost savings when using an agency. The see value from the outside perspective an external agency has. They understand an agency, who is not embedded solely in their industry, can provide a unique perspective and creative vision when formulating strategic campaigns. They benefit from the monthly service pricing model that affords them a well-rounded production cycle for their marketing plans. They receive video, photo, strategy, managed posting, customer engagement and other services at a fraction of the cost doing it any other way. They don’t have to pay payroll tax coupled with a salary to multiple in-house employees and they saved money by not trying to pay separate vendors for the assets needed. This business is poised to get the highest ROI on their marketing spend. This business lets the marketers do the marketing.

This is why working with an outside agency is the best choice for growing your business at the lowest cost possible. An agency like Philomathy works with you each and every month to create content and manage your entire digital marketing efforts. At a fraction of the cost when hiring in-house, we are the prime solution for any business who wants to really get in the digital game and compete with the leaders in any industry.

You can inquire about our services by emailing or connecting with our founder, Derek Adas, via LinkedIn.

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