Why You Need Marketing When Your Business is Booming!

June 6, 2022 Derek Adas, Philomathy Founder

Why You Need Marketing When Your Business is Booming!

Strike while the marketing iron is HOT!

This is the #1 phrase I hear from business owners who are doing well. Problem is, they aren’t doing as well as they could be and aren’t preparing themselves for the future.

I get that business is booming right now for someone, but that doesn’t mean they found the correct way to sustain or capitalize on the opportunity presented to them. Nor does it mean they are now “master marketers” because a $100 front-end Facebook ad brought them an ROI of 20%. Sometimes outside forces like COVID, the weather or even government stimulus are the reasons for spiking interest in their services.

For instance, COVID, and current economic woes, have food prices and restaurant sales booming in most parts of the country. Another example, take Chicago, which had record snowfall this year causing a boom in sales and interest for roofing companies in the area. One roofer told me he was on track for his best year in 15 years. Lastly, a cosmetic dental client of mine relayed he is seeing a surge in denture patients. Why? Stimulus checks. Our older community members are usually those in need of dentures, but often live on fixed-incomes. Having an extra couple thousand out of nowhere has lead to them taking care of health issues that have been on the back-burner for years.

So why spend money on marketing when you have record sales? Because the best time to capture content is when you have loads of work and clients, not when you have no work and need clients. How would you capture content of you fixing cars, when you have no cars to fix? That’s when some would suggest using stock photo or video to create your website or social media profiles – “that’s gonna be a no from me dawg.” Now is the time to hire an agency, like Philomathy, to come in and really show the world what you can do.

Documenting the work you are doing NOW will afford you the assets necessary to create content in the future when sales slow, the time you’ll be in need of marketing the most. Imagine having organically created videos and photos to share of your work year round and not for a week or two after you randomly hire a team to come shoot one video.

Philomathy works with you each and every month to create content and manage your entire digital marketing efforts. At a fraction of the cost when hiring in-house, we are the prime solution for any business who wants to really get in the digital game and compete with the leaders in any industry.

You can inquire about our services by emailing levelup@philomathymarketing.com or connecting with our founder, Derek Adas, via LinkedIn.

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