Philomathy Digital Media Marketing


  • Content Creation

    Thoughtfully curated online content is K-I-N-G. But it also has to be of high-quality and disseminated frequently. We offer a comprehensive solution of content creation, communication channel management and business consulting as a monthly service.

  • Data Literate

    We leverage analytics pertinent to your business from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google, YouTube, Instagram and more. Also, if you use a proprietary system to operate your customer relationship management, chances are you have valuable data hiding in plain sight. We use all available data sets to give you a snapshot of where you're at, where you're going and what we can do to get you where you want to be.

  • Powered by Binary Code

    The majority of our team members were born in the 80's. We've had pagers, and now receive news alerts on our wrists. We speak, eat and breathe tech. We help you make decisions that keep your business, plugged into the future.

  • Our Toolbag

    Google Analytics, YouTube Creator Studio, Facebook Audience Insights, Instagram Analytics, Google My Business, HTML, CSS, PHP, WordPress, Responsys Email Marketing, MailChimp, Survey Monkey, Ableton, Adobe Suite, Resolve, Slack, Discord

  • Strategic Brand Development

    Whether you need to get your name in the game or you're looking to dominate your field... we use business acumen to create a profitable path forward for your business.